Affiliate Program: Terms + Conditions


  • Affiliates will earn 15% of all net sales generated with your custom affiliate link. Net sales do not include shipping/tax. 
  • Joining this affiliate program does not mean you will receive free items or items to promote. 
  • Should an order be canceled and refunded due to fraud or non payment by the customer, the affiliate will not receive commission for that order. 
  • Affiliates cannot use their own affiliate accounts to purchase products from and still receive 15% commission. 
  • Affiliates that attempt to purchase products using their own affiliate link can still make a purchase, but will not receive a 15% commission balance for that purchase(s). 
  • Affiliates that attempt to use their own affiliate link to make their own purchase to receive commission will result in their affiliate account being terminated. Said affiliate will be banned from creating additional affiliate accounts. 


  • Payouts are issued by PayPal only. No other form of payment providers are accepted to receive monthly payouts. 
  • Payouts are issued between the 1st-5th of every month. 
  • Commission balance must be a minimum of $10.00 USD for a monthly payout to be issued. If the balance is below $10, the balance will remain unpaid until the balance reaches $10 or higher. 
  • To receive monthly payout, the PayPal details must be entered in the payout section in the affiliate log in account. If PayPal details are not entered into the payout section of the affiliates log in account, the payout will not be issued or sent to the affiliate. The balance will remain as is until the following month after the PayPal payout details are entered and saved into the affiliates online affiliate account. Each month that the affiliates PayPal information is not entered, a $0.01 processing fee will be deducted from the commission balance for failure to enter PayPal payout details. 
  • The affiliate is fully responsible for entering the correct PayPal email in the payout section. TWB DISPO holds absolutely no liability for incorrect/invalid PayPal email or payout details entered by the affiliate. 


  • By creating an affiliate account and earning 15% commission per net sale, the affiliate is not an employee of TWB DISPO. 


  • Affiliate is responsible for keeping account up to date. TWB DISPO is not responsible and cannot assist with account details. 
  • Affiliate accounts can be terminated and deactivated for any reason at any given time. 


  • Slander towards TWB DISPO is strictly prohibited. If documented slander is secured by TWB DISPO and about TWB DISPO, the affiliate that issued the slander, that affiliates account will be deactivated immediately. If there is any balance in the affiliates commission balance, the balance will not be issued to the affiliate for that following payout as the affiliates account will be terminated. 
  • Slander consist of the following: providing poor feedback, negative feedback, false feedback, about TWB DISPO and its products to the public and/or on any social media platform. Sharing company contact, or personal information. Negative comments about TWB DISPO and its products. 
  • Any affiliate  producing slander towards and/or about TWB DISPO, agrees to pay a minimum fine of $500.00 USD in a small claims court lawsuit. 


  • Flat rate influencers are not eligible to receive affiliate commission or create an affiliate program account. Doing so will result in that affiliate account being terminated. 


  • Uploading or posting any content containing TWB DISPO products and/or products from TWB DISPO, TWB DISPO reserves all rights to duplicate, re post, record, claim ownership of that content at any given time. 



  • By signing up for the affiliate program at, you agree and understand to all terms and conditions, and all information on this page.